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  1. I also experienced these oscillations only on approach. I was doing the ILS 17R into KSDF. I intercepted the localizer on vectors at about 8DME and the aircraft auto-transferred to green needles correctly and captured the glideslope. The aircraft appeared to be completely centered on the glideslope while descending but the flight director would continuously oscillate. I disconnected the autopilot and noticed the flight director behavior continued. While the autopilot was turned off, I turned off and then re-enabled the flight director, re-armed APPR, and then the autopilot, but the behavior continued. Winds were around 210 degrees at 14kts. Had 12 passengers and about 3000lbs of fuel left on approach. 

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  2. I noticed that the aircraft does not have the RWY UPDATE feature on the ground, unless I missed something. I have attached a couple of images below from the Proline 21 Advanced FMS manual showing its purpose. Not sure if this should be labeled a feature request or not.

    RWY Update 1.jpg

    RWY Update 2.jpg

  3. On 2/28/2022 at 9:31 PM, richjb said:

    I did a test of this yesterday in the CL350 that I fly.  We use ARINC as our CSP, who would provide us with AOC weather METAR, TAF, and NOTAM data. 

    You have to enter "K6A2" into the REQ TERMINAL WX page.  If you enter "6A2", the system will display a "FORMAT ERROR" in the scratch pad.  The "K" needs to be present in the airport or METAR ID. 

    Hope this helps,

    Rich Boll

    Thanks, Rich. I figured that was probably the case. Hopefully it can get be added, assuming the 650 works the same way. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Peter Clark said:

    It’s probably trying to fetch what you put in. Aviation weather doesn’t accept the numeric either, you have to put in the K by hand.


    Works: https://aviationweather.gov/metar/data?ids=K6a2&format=raw&date=&hours=0

    Doesn’t: https://aviationweather.gov/metar/data?ids=6a2&format=raw&date=&hours=0

    I mentioned that in my post above. The aircraft will not fetch a METAR in this case regardless if you put a “K” in front of it or not. What I wasn’t sure about was if the Proline software would care if you used the “K” in front of these three character airports. 

  5. Hot Start Challenger 650 - "Texas"

    This livery is based off of a CL30, N887LC. I had to make some design decisions since is a different aircraft, but I hope it represents it well!

    A picture of the reference aircraft can be found here: https://flightaware.com/photos/view/977583-2c0f9340c251ff5d9a0a17d6ca19587db9552b06/staffpicksmonth/sort/date/page/1


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  6. Edit: I noticed later that when entering a new cruise altitude in PERF INIT, it did not update the VNAV cruise altitude in the VNAV setup cruise page which could be causing the issue. I'll try to reproduce it in a flight tomorrow.

  7. This is the first time I've noticed this, but while en-route and changing the CRZ ALT in PERF INIT, it did not update the new cruise altitude on the legs page. When I tried putting in a lower altitude, it updated the legs correctly. I am within the cruise capability charts for weight at the new altitude. I tried other higher altitudes as well and it won't update for anything above FL360. I've included screenshots below showing both the higher and lower altitude inputs. The only way to force the legs to update to FL380 is to manually enter it on a leg in the legs page, which will then update the proceeding legs.


    Did not update:


    Updated correctly here:



  8. Using an old FMS trainer for the Proline 4, it does indeed update the ETA at the runway with an ETD entered, so I’d assume the same would be true for the Proline 21 Advanced. I also double checked entering a hold EFC in the FMS trainer and it updated the ETA as well. 

  9. I received a CTD while in the process of closing the cabin door at the end of a flight in PHOG, in walk-around mode. The passenger van had just left.

    I was not able to reproduce this a second time with plugins and scenery disabled. I used the 1000ft saved state and completed the flight in the same fashion. I have attached the log file from the crash if it is helpful.

    Edit: I was also not able to reproduce the crash when re-enabling the scenery, plugins, and add-ons when loading the same 1000ft saved state.


  10. I’m assuming you’re talking about the ETA at the departure runway in both the MFD and FPLN Progress? I’m honestly not sure about that being updated with an ETD entered. Probably need to verify that  

    On sort of the same note, pretty sure Toto knows about it, but entering an EFC in a hold also doesn’t update the ETA. 

  11. I had the same issue today. Not really sure if it's a bug. The aircraft was fueled on level ground and the fuel indicated was 10180lbs. After takeoff, the fuel quantity increased to 10700lbs. Having flown the CRJ, I understand these gauges aren't perfectly accurate, but I've never had fuel quantity increase to such a substantial amount after takeoff, or at all really. Granted, we didn't have Aux and Tail tanks.

  12. 9 minutes ago, richjb said:

    Are they perhaps modeling the effects of cold soaked fuel and wing icing?  I would not put it past them given the level of detail here.  

    Cold soaked wing fuel can cause icing on the wing surfaces exposed to the fuel tank at temperatures up to +10C.   This has caused accidents, the most famous being the SAS MD 80 back in the 80's.   If the wing surface temperature is near freezing due to cold soaked fuel, and the temp/dewpoint are close (I've seen guidance of 3 degree spread) then yes it is possible to get ice on top of the wing surface up to about +10C.  

    Cold soaked fuel icing is usually found (not always) on the underside of a wing. Even if they were simulating that, the fuel wouldn't have been cold soaked as the temperature on the ground never went below 12C and the aircraft had been on the ground for an extended period of time, so high altitude cold soaked fuel wouldn't have caused it either. Another aspect that I'm not sure could be simulated is how solar radiation can, fairly quickly, melt away frost via surface heating or cause sublimation, even below freezing.

  13. I have ice accumulation on the wings in south Florida on the ground and the lowest temperature in the last 24 hours was 12C. The airframe was flown in to the airport yesterday. Coming from experience, you would never see ice form at that temperature. Yes, it can remain on the wing up to 10C if it was previously formed, but I've never seen it form on top of the wing unless it was "close" to the freezing point. Cold air can sink and cause surface frost while the air above remains above freezing, but again, it at least has to be close to the freezing point for that to happen.

  14. When inputting an ETD on the ground, the time should not only update the ETA on PERF INIT page 3, but it should also update the ETA elsewhere; FPLN Progress along with the ETA when using an MFD in "ON" are the two examples I can think of. This probably isn't something that would be in the manual (similar to how entering an EFC in a hold doesn't update the ETA currently) so it would need verification, but it works this way on the CRJ Collins product and I'd be surprised if that functionality wasn't in the Proline 21.

  15. After reviewing the CL605 FMS manual (along with my own personal CRJ-200 experience), I have noticed that we are unable to manually change the ENG BLEED configuration on the PERF > THRUST LIMIT page on the ground, even with an OAT inserted. We did this frequently on the CRJ-200 to get an accurate MCT TGT number based on anticipated bleed configuration for takeoff. When doing so, the bleed configuration will show in yellow text to show that the aircraft isn't currently in that bleed configuration, but it will allow you to select it to get that MCT number. I assume that this would apply in the 650 as well.

    thrust limit.jpg

  16. When departing PAPG on runway 5 via the Petersburg One departure, it did not intercept the course outbound to JERDU as is charted. I had pre-armed NAV mode prior to departure and confirmed it was active prior to the turn. One thing I noted was the turn to 300 degrees came before the plotted INTC point on the MFD. Instead of intercepting the 344 course outbound to JERDU, it continued on past the intercept point in the turn to 300 degrees, which puts you right into the path of terrain. I had to force the aircraft to go direct to in order to continue on to JERDU. I was able to replicate this a second time.1052939692_CL650-2022-01-1719_47_29.thumb.png.d5d03d40707dc657e817c96dfc4ca0a3.png


    4 minutes ago, Cameron said:

    Who actually said I was being snarky? I asked you a question.

    I did. You should try reading your question back to yourself and see how it sounds. I’m fully aware of the search function. I’m doing what the moderators on discord requested as I stated above.

  18. 3 minutes ago, Cameron said:

    Did you happen to do a search in the forum before you made your thread?

    No need to be snarky, Cam. That’s not good customer service on any level. We were told in the discord to individually post issues including performance issues, so that’s what I did. 

  19. I am encountering performance drops. My current hardware is relatively old; 8700k and a 1080 8GB running at 1440p. The simulator, airplane and Gizmo will spike, but not the other plugins. It seems to more frequently do this when on descent or when arriving, but also sometimes randomly. As you can see in the screenshots, the CPU time jumps up above 0.1 and the GPU is barely sweating. I have also included a screenshot of the baseline.




  20. The failures for the engine driven (1A and 2A) hydraulic pumps are producing "HYD 1(2) LO PRESS" caution message instantly with pressure still in the normal range and is not producing a "HYD EDP 1(2)A" caution message until 2B is turned on. The HYD EDP 1(2)A message should come on at the time of failure and the HYD 1(2) LO PRESS message should only come up when the pressure falls below normal (green) levels.224694724_CL650-2022-01-1412_04_37PM.png


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