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  1. Oisin - thanks! I had another CTD after this, and I think it happens if the Nav Src is set to VOR/LOC while FMS VOR tuning is auto. I think the FMS tunes the VOR freq and upsets the active Nav Src. Could be wrong, but that’s the common denominator. I had a successful flight after I noticed this by ensuring that FMS tuning was manual while NAV SRC was VOR/LOC.
  2. Just had a CTD (very rare for me), log pointed to an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION on the CL650, sharing so you can review if needed. Completed a flight from KBFI-KOMA, loaded a plan from KOMA-KSYR, CTD happened on the ground during quick turn. Attached log and both plans. Thanks for the magnificent plane. CTD_LOG_02262022.txtKBFIKOMA01.fmsKOMAKSYR01.fms
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