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  1. I cannot thank you enough, this worked. You have no idea how much I struggled with this, so for me it's funny that the issue was a hidden window. Thanks again. I am now a very happy man.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I do run multiple monitors, but I still cannot find any hidden windows. Do you know what kind of window it should be, and what the process is called? I once again did a clean install of TerraMaxx after removing the folders mentioned in the opening post, and the X-Plane log is now saying this: 0:00:39.957 G64: core: Run: [OnBoot] 0:00:39.957 G64: debug: GK: Auto license update is on. 0:00:39.957 G64: debug: GK: Update triggered. -18998.80 days remaining <= 2.00. 0:00:39.957 G64: debug: GK: Requesting license update.. 0:00:39.957 G64: debug: GK: update_license() 0:00:39.957 G64: debug: GK: No valid auth token, manual login required. 0:00:39.957 G64: core: Run: [OnFirstFrame] 0:00:39.958 G64: debug: GK-IPC: No license: (maxxxp.terramaxx) License challenge failed; TerraMaxx disabled. When using Alt-Tab I cannot find any windows other than the usual ones. I will try to reinstall later (now I'm a bit fed up).
  3. Hi, I was running TerraMaxx on X-Plane 11.53 without any issues in 2021 (March/ April). I reinstalled X-plane in December 2021 and now I'm running v.11.55 on Steam @ Win64. Same PC as before. Now TerraMaxx is no longer working and I cannot open the Gizmo64 console. No error message when trying to change seasons, but a TerraMax window displays the message "Loading scenery for default, please wait.." when loading a flight after reinstalling TerraMax (which I've done 6-7 times now). When I try to change seasons nothing happens. I believe I am running Gizmo v. Windows. That is what the plugin manager is telling me. I have also tried: - both OpenGL and Vulkan - removed \Resources\plugins\TerraMaxx - \Resources\plugins\Gizmo64.plugin - \Custom Scenery\SeasonsXP - C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\x-plane 11*.prf - before reinstalling TerraMaxx - download terramaxx from x-aviation several times - copied Gizmo64 plugin to X-Plane after downloading manually from gizmo64.com - unlocked all zip-files before extracted (from x-aviation.com and gizmo64.com) - high and low grapic settings in X-Plane Other plugins I'm running: - Navigraph Simlink - XPRealistic Pro I do not use any other scenery packages. As mentioned I cannot open Gizmo-plugin in X-plane, but here is some of the text from the X-Plane log: 0:00:01.011 G64: core: curl_easy_init() provided by:[D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\Gizmo64.plugin\win_x64\libcurl.dll] 0:00:01.011 G64: core: Boot Count: 1 0:00:01.012 G64: core: OpenAL: Shared OpenAL context.. 0:00:01.013 G64: debug: Firmware v21.03.20.0220 0:00:01.024 G64: debug: gxt: AutoLoading.. 0:00:01.024 G64: debug: gxt.load: Console 0:00:01.025 G64: debug: gxt.load: ToolTray 0:00:01.025 G64: debug: gxt.load: Mute 0:00:01.026 G64: debug: gxt.load: Preferences 0:00:01.026 G64: debug: gxt.load: RebootButton 0:00:01.026 G64: debug: gxt.load: GateKeeper 0:00:01.028 G64: debug: GK: Load license from disk.. 0:00:01.028 G64: debug: GK: 404: license database 0:00:01.028 G64: debug: GK: Empty license file. Defaulting to login page. 0:00:01.028 G64: debug: GK: IPC v21.03.18 loaded. 0:00:01.028 G64: debug: gxt.load: MAXX_RWC 0:00:01.029 G64: debug: gxt.load: LuaGC 0:00:01.029 G64: debug: gxt.load: Shell 0:00:01.030 G64: debug: gxt.load: Stats 0:00:01.030 G64: debug: gxt: Completed AutoLoad. 0:00:01.031 G64: debug: firmware_init.lua completed. What more can I try to fix this issue?
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