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  1. Hi Goran, removing TBM900_reg_out.png was the solution of the loading problem. Actually i am on an IFR Testflight to LOWS . It works, but i can´t understand, because i flyed the TBM before for 2 Years Thanks a lot for your support. k.r. Gerhard
  2. Hi Goran, Thank you I deleted all costum scenery files and put in only SCIP scenery. but by loading TBM the same Problem -> crashreporter window pups up and x-plsne shut down. k.r. Gerhard Log.txt
  3. I have updated now my GPU drivers to 472.12, but the problem is the same. At the end of loading process TBM900 the crashreporter Window pop`s up Log.txt crash_report_10_08_2021_07_37_03.rpt
  4. Oldflyguy thank you, attached i send you a log file and a crashreport file which i found under Output>rashreports Log.txt crash_report_10_06_2021_15_52_40.rpt
  5. Hello, It is no longer possible to load my TBM900 in x-plane11.x-plane11/55 loading interrupts, when choosing TBM900. Before Interruption,a pop up window with the message "crashreporter" comes up.[image: image.png]There are no problems with loading other aircrats. Can anyone help me?Best regardsGerhard
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