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  1. It seems like maximum cruise power (based on the tables) cannot be achieved without exceeding 100% engine RPM. Case in point: I was cruising at 16,000 at 1250 prop RPM with engine RPM just below 100% (e.g., below the thick red lines). At -29 deg. C the cruise tables indicated maximum power of about 87%, but I was only up to 70% torque, with ITTs around 810. I could push torque higher with the ITTs staying under 850, but then engine RPM would go past the red line. The red lines tell me that's probably a Bad Thing, so I tend to watch both ITT and engine RPM when setting power, whichever get
  2. Is this still a problem? I'm pretty sure I have version 1.6.5 and that was supposed to have been fixed in that version. I was trying to fly RNAV(Y) 16C at KSEA and had nothing on the right side of EADI. Autopilot Approach mode was selected and was indicating "GS" but did not capture GS, I guess because there was nothing to capture. I'll try ILS next time. Update: ILS approaches seem to work OK in GPS VLOC mode. I got a glideslope indicator on both the EADI and EHSI, the autopilot APPR mode armed (white GS indication) and captured the glideslope. Guess I'll be sticking to ILS approa
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