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  1. In a real standard dual G5 layout where the top G5 is PFD & the bottom one is HSI, the PFD would show the heading bug set on the HSI. This is not working (at least by default) in the out-of-the-box setup. Is there a way to enable this or is it not a feature?
  2. Never mind. This time they came up turned on. Thanks. Log.txt
  3. That might be the issue, but now I have a new problem which is that in the 172SP with built-in G5 the G5s won't turn on. I've tried both "button press" in the sim display (where it shows the "G5 power" tooltip) and also setting a keyboard command to toggle power to the G5s. Neither one has any effect.
  4. I see a file called acfConfig.cfg. Is that the correct one (not G5.cfg)?
  5. OK, I think I'm getting it now. The confusion is that there are *two* installers - the first one (downloaded from the website) installs the second one. I followed the instructions but don't see the G5.cfg file in the folder X-plane 11/Aircraft/Laminar Research/Cessna 172SP that I selected at step 1.2. Nothing appears to have been placed in that directory even though the installer tells me it ran successfully.
  6. That information says "This is an archive of the version 1.x G5. Version 2.0 is now a RealSimGear product (existing customers have been transferred to the new product)." I am using the current version downloaded from your site 2 weeks ago. There was no option during installation to "choose the aircraft". I just did it as a hail-mary attempt to get the thing to work. Since there is no online documentation of the current version, please advise on the correct procedure for installing the G5 for an aircraft other than the 172 with built-in G5s (which doesn't connect properly to a plugin GTN 6
  7. I have the GTN plugin (from Reality XP) for x-plane 11. The CDI/OBS of the standard LR 172SP follows routes created in the GTN650 in GPS mode. The C172SP G5 does not (nor does its CDI/OBS). Is there a way to get them connected?
  8. I am unable to get my (new) install of the G5 to show up in my C172SP sim that came with xplane 11. The G5 does not show up on the "plugins" menu, even after I tried the step of copying the "G5" folder from the C172 SP G5 plugins folder to the plugins folder of the LR C172SP. That added the gizmo64 menu item under plugins in xplane, but not the G5.
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