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  1. @Coop, just FYI this is working now after setting g5_draw2d = 1 in the config. Thanks
  2. Thanks, I see it. I was looking in the G5 folder like v1. Thanks
  3. Hello, I installed the new v2 G5 and I no longer see a config file. I did a clean delete of everything and reinstalled and still nothing. I even downloaded a the v2 again after I saw a post that the current v2 was updated. Should I need to manually add the .cfg file? Thanks
  4. @Coop, Great! Thanks! I as going crazy trying to figure it out :).
  5. Hello, I have a few different G1000 models in Xplane and the default Cessna G1000 C172SP is the only one giving me trouble. The Cessna C172SP non G1000 works fine. When I turn on the plane fully, the G5 stays blank. I have even tried loading configs from other planes I have with a G5 and it still does not work. Any idea of the issue? Attached is the Log file... Log.txt
  6. Hello, I purchased two G5 units from real sim gear and purchased the XAviation G5 software. One thing I noticed is the dataref for the baro is not linked to a generic dataref like the heading bug/altitude/course. Could the baro be linked to a generic dataref? I tried to look for a mapping file in the G5 folder but did not find anything, just the config file. Currently the baro is mapped to the following dataref sim/cockpit/gauges/actuators/barometer_setting_in_hg_stby. If it could be mapped to sim/cockpit/misc/barometer_setting or sim/cockpit/gauges/actuators/barometer_setting_in_hg_pilot this
  7. Thanks for the confirmation. Is there a work around for this?
  8. Hello, I just purchased the M20 for a realsim gear setup I have a the only probably I am having is with the G1000 returning back to original location like other default and add on aircraft I use. Is there a work around for this? Thanks
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