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  1. Thanks for the suggestion of no fuel, unfortunately both left and right tanks are full . Just switched to Laminar flow G1000 C172 and am having same problem. Tried to send email to Laminar flow, but they require I forward a log.text file ( or something like that) with email . Trying to determine how to do that, pretty computer illiterate sadly.
  2. Newbie here. Have been flying default C172 (Laminar non G1000). Sim has suddenly been feeding fuel from right tank only when selector in BOTH position. If Left tank is selected, engine quits immediately. Have tried going to configuration and selecting fix all systems, changing interval to 10000 hours, shutting down computer and restarting without success. Also have individuals confirmed all systems normal in Fuel, Engine systems. Any help in clearing this malfunction would be greatly appreciated. Running X-plane 11.55 on Windows 10 PC. Thanks!
  3. Total newbie. Have installed TorqueSim SR22 G1000 into X-plane 11 v 11.53, using Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo. All works well except that the switches (Master Alt, Bat, Avionics, lights) do not function. I can use mouse to turn on equipment without problem; have tried to create profile in Xplane configurator for the switches, but Honeycomb switches have no effect. Reading above it says to close subdirectories, to AFM, with SR22 loaded. Not sure exactly what this means. Are you speaking of using Honeycomb configurator ? Also not sure what the AFM is. Any help on clearing this up for me would be g
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