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  1. RESOLVED - Sorry my bad. Issue was with key binding to master battery on Alpha Yoke. And to think I read about this a few weeks ago and forgot about it!!!! Thank's anyway guys
  2. Having an issue coming back to the FBO (after restart xplane and after restart new fligth) with the battery master ON when it should be OFF (dark & cold). This happens after leaving last flight following normal securing procedure and finishing with battery master OFF according to procedure, closing door and walking back to FBO and leaving XPlane. When coming back battery master is ON??? Your help will be appreciated. Thank's
  3. Issue resolved !!??... I have configured both X-Plane window setting and Honeycomb binding configurator as shown in pics above and all seems to work. I usually try and do one or the other to avoid conflict, but this (having both configured) looks like the solution. Once more thank's for an amazing model. Cheers....
  4. As per requested, thank's in advance for your help. Method 1 is via the Setting Window of x-plane. Method 2 is via the Honeycomb configurator once I replace the setting window of x-plane to do nothing so that it doesn't conflict with the honeycomb configurator binding. Hope this is clear, let me know if you need more. Thank's again.
  5. First, congrats to Toto, Graeme and all the team for a fabulous simulation and implementation of the CL650. It seems that I also have a problem with the Alpha Yoke bindings. Try to bind the "CL650/contwheel/0/ap_disc" to the AP disc on the red button right side of the yoke. I have tried binding with two methods (independently being careful not to create a conflict) , 1 - binding directly into x-plane setting window or 2 - binding via the Honeycomb configurator with a custom variable applied to the ap disconnect button. Activating the button in the sim works find with the actuate command in the DataRefTools. Curiously the trim (button 5 and 6) and the Control wheel stab trim disconnect button (4) works find !!???? Im out of ideas, your help would be very much appreciated. Thank's in advance.
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