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  1. Hi. I've X-Plane 10 v 10.51. I've been Bell407 SP1 since 2016, I left it hangar for years caused it's crash sensitivity. I had earlier all in one Logitech stick. I replaced it with TM 16000 set, it has throttle lever + Joystick + Pedals, helo needs throttle + collective + pedals to control. I took it on duty in this weekend. I started to fly and immediately it started to act uncontrollable and crashed, after this I noticed that throttle grip was FULL position, even if both levers were zero. I made start test, immediately when helo appeared I move throttle slider a bit, so I avoided crash, thr
  2. I've got 10.51 update from X-Plane help. Thanks all of you. case is closed. Regards. Pertti
  3. Sad! I have a lot of purchased Aircrafts and Scenerys, I haven't any idea to use v.10.21. It's wrong to take this update from me! Thank's Cameron for lighten me in this matter. Regards. Pertti
  4. Hi Cameron. I had v.10.51, unfortunately my PC went broken, I bought new one. I have 8 DVD:s, so I started to install, all went OK untill came update, OK, meanwhile I wait about an hour, server doesn't work, no reply. That's why I haven't v.10.51. I've have sent email to X-Plane cocerning update v.10.51. no reply.
  5. Hi. I have four Drzewiecki Design scenery's on custom scenery folder. How to fix this Could not locate facade/forest/beach window. Log.txt
  6. Hi. I’ve X-PLANE 10 v. 51. I updated recently my PC and installed it. Now version is 10.21, after installing I tried to update it to v10.51, in vain server doesn’t work. I reinstalled it and hoped best, server refused to work. How to get 10.51 back? Another matter. I have hahe two X-PLANE 10 installed on different SSD drives. The Best is yet to come: As usual I put DVD1 on Drive and started procces. it went well untill Activation window come!!! Why, I usually keep DVD on drive permanently as wanted. Both programs act same Activate…etc. I had workable programs earlier. Help Is needed. I’
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