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  1. Hi, my runway was set as wet instead of dry and that caused the issue.. it is fixed now.. thanks..
  2. maybe it has something to do with enabling 'wear and maintenance' logic? when i toggled it, smoke momentarily disappeared.. I also went thru maintenance and refilled oil, and checked all systems.. everything came out okay..
  3. this is what it looks like..
  4. I'm seeing a lot of white smoke at the back of the plane.. it was there in the previous version and also in the latest 1.2.0. Is it something to do with oil or mixture quality? I taxi with throttle in R and mixture between X and T (pretty lean mixture). It is only during taxi.. not during flight.. have attached a log file if that helps.. Log.txt
  5. Thanks Coop, followed your instructions and it now steers perfectly with rudder.. I used 15 deg for more responsive steering.. Really appreciate the quick support.. I have marked the title as SOLVED.
  6. Just completed my first full flight.. really enjoyed the flight part of it.. slowly getting used to the new way of taxiing..
  7. okay, after some more testing, here's what I found.. Takeoff roll is okay.. at those speeds, rudder kicks in, and since i have racing pedals that work fine as rudder (+twist joystick also acts as rudder), i'm able to maintain the centreline on takeoff.. so all good there.. At low taxi speeds, i'm able to use differential brakes and turn (had to download a lua script that does differential braking assist).. it is still clunky and bit jerky at times, but manageable.. doesn't the Laminar C172 also have the same castor steering? its easier on the C172 for some reason, although for making sharp 90 deg turns, I still had to use the diff brakes on the 172 as well..
  8. I also own your Saab by the way and have done many nice flights on it.. even that had some brakes issue, but luckily I read the forums and downloaded the aircraft only after the brake command issues were solved.. that aircraft is a joy to fly now.. i'm sure this is also a great aircraft (have seen the reviews) but I need to be able to get past the taxiing issue to enjoy the other aspects of this product..
  9. So, if that's an absolute requirement to have pedals with toe brakes to operate this aircraft, the documentation/website should have mentioned that, so that i can make an informed decision.. this is a show stopper issue, not a "nice to have feature".. Besides, in this pandemic, global shipping supply chain is severely hampered.. I have not been able to get my hands on honeycomb yoke and throttles for the last one year.. I was lucky enough to get a RTX 3090 in the pandemic.. most people are in waiting list for hardware upgrades.. So going out and buying pedals is not a workable solution for me.. Also, I have a massive fleet of aircraft in 3 different sims (PMDG, Flightfactor, X-plane helicopters, etc) and have been using only my joystick twist for rudder and nose tiller action all these years.. i never felt the need to get pedals.. even while flying helos like dreamfoil B407.. so this came as a shock to me.. its the first time in my many years of simming that I had to ground an aircraft because I dont have toe brakes..
  10. I know this is a study level aircraft and all that.. but haven't been able to taxi at all.. ground steering is a nightmare.. There was no warning in any documentation/website that the user must own premium rudder pedals with toe brake functionality in order to operate this aircraft.. without that, it is sooo difficult to taxi this aircraft using just "hold brakes left/right" commands and mapping to joystick.. such a primitive way of taxiing by pressing joystick buttons.. I have a logitech extreme3D twist joystick.. I also have some racing pedals.. I am shocked that there's absolutely no mention of this limitation in your manuals.. I don't want to use differential braking lua scripts either.. tried with that.. still very jerky while taxiing.. also being a single engine prop, aircraft steers to left when adding power on takeoff like it should (C172).. but without having steering control, it makes it even more difficult to takeoff.. I spent two hours trying to taxi and has been a nightmare.. oh by the way, it also CTD twice already.. and is very heavy on resources.. (I have RTX 3090 and i9 @ 5.1).. fans are running too loud.. but we'll come to that later.. need to find a way to solve the taxi issue first.. right now aircraft grounded..
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