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  1. They do not - the 2nd navcom & adf are now black in inop. Has anyone else experienced this glitch? A bit frustrating for a paid for app.
  2. OK, turning off Vulcan got the G5s to come on. However, the GNS-430 and ADF are still black. The 530 comes on, but not the lower 430?
  3. OK, here is my log. Sorry for the delayed response - been traveling. Log.txt
  4. I recently purchased the G5 package that comes with the 172 for X-Plane 11. However, after installing, when I load that plane for use, the G5s are blacked out - they very occasionally flash on super quick then go back to black. When I try to open any of the pop-up menus from the shortcuts that appear on the right side of the screen they flash on and off rapidly. Any fixes for this?
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