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  1. Hey team, I hope someone can help me... yesterday, I tried to fly without my main keys bound again and it has been a disaster... I really get used to fly with the quadrant but I still can not get the keys binds (Speedbrake, Flaps, Full configured throttle (I couldn't also get the reverse... ), ... the other ones are not crucial but without these ones it is a challenge for me...) I believe I am doing something wrong. I do appreciate your help. Thank you. Have a nice day! Best W
  2. Hello! I got my sr22 working with no issue, but I am trying to get all the key binds working with my TCA airbus quadrant and the Saab 340 with no success. Could you help me identify which keys are for flaps, speed brake, ap, eng, auto break,.. I could not get it bound..I do appreciate your help. I do need the quadrant working as it is with all the other aircraft. I am pretty sure that I am missing something. I do appreciate your help. Thank you best W
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