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  1. Hello Goran, Your proposal to not run in full screen works at the beginning but the crash came back after 3-4 flights... so sad! Due to the crashes I even didn't fly so much with this plane but I restarted today... and it crashed after 5 minutes in the air. Please find attached the log.txt. Any news of update for the plane to accept AMD? Thank you for your help. Best regards. Log.txt
  2. Hello Goran, Yes this is correct I’m running in full screen. What’s the impact?
  3. Hello again, It took times before I came back because I made what you suggest...even if it's time consuming it's worth it. So I reinstalled xplane and I've put only the TBM900... After 4/5 flights no issues. Yesterday evening I decided to install the Flight Factor A320. I tried both and no issues. Today, I planned a flight with my TBM900 and after 40mn it crashed... Attached the log file. Is it the same reason than the previous? Thank you for your support. See you Log.txt
  4. Hello Goran, Thank you for your feedback. No it's not linked to the scenery because it happens on other places. I just started today to another location and this time it crashed just after the plane finish to load...(attach the log file) Log 3.txt
  5. Hello All, I bought the TBM900 one week ago. The plane is awesome but I experienced come crash. I decided on Friday to reinstall completely Xplane. After that, I only reinstall the TBM900 and nothing seems to crash...I was happy! So I reinstall the other plugins and Add-ons (A320 FF Ultimate + Thranda PC6 + Traffic Global + SAM follow me + SAM jetways + Betterpushback + Real View next). Today, I wanted to go for a flight but it crashed less than 5 minutes after the take off. I restart and it does the same...and for the same reason if I read well the log files. You have 2 lo
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