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  1. Hi Coop Thank you for your help, After resetting the Windows audio system the issue was solved.
  2. Sorry, Here is the new X-Plane's LogLog.txt.txt file
  3. Hi Coop, Please see the attached last XP Log file. It's just after the app closed when choosing the SR22 from the XP menu [configuration menu][aircraft]. Thank you for your time, Luis X-Plane Installer Log.txt
  4. Just downloaded the new Cirrus SR22 Installation on X-Plane v11.52 -Windows OS, i7 processor, 16 Gb RAM- run flawless. When choosing any of the two SR22 planes from the XP [configuration menu][aircraft], the app flashes a second and immediately closes down. I did reinstall the plane and rebooted the system 3 times without success. I'd appreciate advice to solve this issue. LF
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