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  1. If I click update license it just hangs and never does anything. I can close the windows and fly but I don't understand why they started popping up the last few weeks.
  2. Ok that sounds exactly like what is happening thank you. That explains the mushiness I'm feeling for sure, however I'm not sure about the tendency for the aircraft to resist straight and level flight so much. What I mean is that it feels like if I pull back just enough to initiate a climb, the plane just wants to keep pitching more and more, like it has momentum forcing to keep increasing the climb angle. Then I have to push the nose down and the process repeats. This feels different than just mushy or stiff control surfaces. The plane is just hard to hold straight and level.
  3. It's so difficult to hold it straight and level when hand flying. The controls feel very mushy and unresponsive. If I pull back on the stick, when the aircraft finally does respond, then it just keeps pitching up more and more. Same for any control input. I have a 20 cm extension on my stick. If move my stick nearly full deflection, the yoke in the plane is only moving a tiny amount. If I try to add a little trim, it quickly becomes too much and I'm constantly chasing it. I'm using a TM warthog. No other planes feel like this. I have the sensitivity slide
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