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  1. I think x-plane recognize the airplane touchdowned when Nose gear touchdown on the ground, Then the autobrakes working. Situation.1 (Nosegear touchdowned) //Nosegear touchdown -> On ground data ref- > Autobrakes working. = (Because Nose gear on the ground, so x-plane recognized as the airplane on the ground) Situation.2 (Only main gear touchdowned,) Nosegear NOT touchdowned Yet -> Reverse -> Autobrake Disarmed = (Because of applying REVERSE THRUST When x-plane recognized as the airplane ON THE AIR,) So, Just I wan
  2. The autobrakes. It is working when nosewheel touch on ground but if i set reverse thrust before nosewheel touchdown. It's not working. You think when reverse IDLE makes Disarm autobrakes. But That's Wrong, When I tested AUTO 1, 2, 3, MAX, with reverse, It is same rate of decreasing. That means the auto brakes not working,
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