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  1. Thanks a lot Ben. I´ll send it to your e-mail in a few minutes. Greg. Bogotá-Colombia
  2. Hy Mr. Rusell..Thanks for your post...Answering, let´s see : I have the Gizmo 64 installed I reinstall the Saab and nothing happen. The problem is still there... Can you help me to solve this issue, who always affect my x-aviation 737 ? Which of my files do you need in order to send them to you ? I´ll appreciate you help. Best Regards,
  3. Goran, looking at the log.text file (as the message that appears when I open the aircraft tells me..), look what I found...: "There was a problem starting Gizmo. Please re-install the plugin". I´ll will do it to look what happen...
  4. Hy Goran, good morning...I´ll did what you recommend me, (that´s why I don´t answer you yesterday..) but sadly nothing happen...And one additional Issue : I open the my X-Aviation 737 and surprise, the same thing happens..Also the same message and an inoperative airplane... So, now the problem is with both X-Aviation airplanes...Is a common problem to the x-aviation files... So: Im including the Gizmo algorithm and the initial Vrconf file extracted from the Saab and a picture of the upper side of the VR Config file : Please take at them look at them just to see if the conf is ok.. T
  5. Ok, I´ll follow your advise..Just one additional comment : Some airports downloaded by the X-Plane.org page were rejected by the x-plane program..I mean, when I´m flying close to one of those airports, the x-plane notify me and put me off the simulator. Could be it due to the old Operating System ? Thanks Goran, you´re so Kind..
  6. Hy, Goran, bad news..I did it but It doesn´t work.. Three things : Gizmo is installed in my Plug in menu. I´m running my X-plane in a Mac Compu, High Sierra Version. I deactivate the Firewall on my Compu. I don´t have anti-virus activated on my Compu. I include the message that appears in my screen when I choose the Saab, Where else could be the problem located ? Thanks in advance,
  7. Ok Goran Thanks...I´ll will try it..Talk to you later,
  8. Hy Goran, thanks...no, the Gizmo is not installed..I searched it with my mouse at the right side of the screen but it doesn´t appear, like in the previous version did..
  9. Hy...I install my Saab 340 1.6 version. The copckit appears but nothing happens..I mean, I don´t have switch functions, the airplane is just an image...I can´t do any thing with my plane..Also, a message appears in the right upper corner of the screen telling me that the airplane has a problem with the vrconf and that I must check the vrconf. txt. What can I do to fix that problem ? Thanks so much I somebody can help me..
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