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  1. Thank you for the explanation! I was not aware of this, thought that all commands are always loaded and are selectable. You were right, all the commands are there now after loading the Mooney and I was able to assign commands to the keyboard. G1000 pops out without a bezel. Everything works perfectly now! Best regards TC
  2. Thank you very much for your quick response!! I have tried exactly what you had written, however this is where the problems is: I do not have any AFM commands listed. If I search for AFM or M20 or bezel it does not show me anything. I can fly the Mooney though. So it is installed but it seems the commands are just missing. Like I mentioned before I have already reinstalled the M20R Collection twice. Any idea ? Thanks TC
  3. Hello ! I am trying to get the Mooney Ovation pop-out window working for my G1000 without showing any bezels on X-plane 11.51 The G1000 I am using is the VF1000 from Virtual Fly, M20R collection installed is the newest version off of your website. At first I have followed the Virtual Fly instructions to copy a "no bezel" PNG file but this approach only works for the standard G1000 planes like the Cessna 172. I then searched the web and found different approaches, one was to copy the no_bezel file to the Mooney resources directory but then I found at totally different information
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