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  1. Hi, Yes I did run the G5 installer and that seems to have been the problem. Uninstalled and re-installed and everything seems good. Thanks for your advice.
  2. On further 'investigation' the detail being shown in the chronometer and transponder window seems to be that of the G5 - even on the aircraft where the G5 is not fitted. I attach screen shots below. Regards, TW
  3. Hi, I'm having problems with a couple of things in both the standard configuration and G5. 1. The transponder window seems to be showing a part of the PFD and I can not set the transponder. 2. Likewise the Chronometer window although, in this case, it could be part of the HSI showing. In the G5 version I do have a sub-menu (BN-2T Islander G5) allowing me to toggle doors, anti-ice and Ground Equipment. There is no G5 sub-menu in the Plugins menu. G5 instruments are present but do not ‘turn on’/illuminate. I hope this can be rectified because it looks as though this Turbo
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