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  1. Thanks for the response Coop but alas no joy. I uninstalled and installed again and even now when I say "start with engines on" as soon as I touch throttle, engine quits. Have refurbed engine and done maintenance. Tanks full. Fuel selector doesn't seem to have impact - whether going from right or left tank (I assume fuel off is all the way back on either the left or right side in the center console?). I'm dead in the water and can't for the life of me think of what must not be right.
  2. Okay I've tried everything when it comes to starting the SR20 and nothing works. (I am able to start with engines on, BTW, but starting them "for real" has become my white whale). Here's what I'm doing: Batt 1 & 2 on. Strobe on. keys in ignition. mixture to rich. throttle to full. fuel pump prime for ~2 seconds. Fuel pump to boost. Throttle back to just open (hard to know if it's 1/4"). Turn keys to start. Prop turns and sometimes even catches but then stops as soon as I move key from start position. I've tried every variation of throttle settings (including moving back and forth s
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