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  1. No worries! I purchase everything on American Express for this reason. Cheap insurance for cases like this. Your product does ship with DRM and license keys can be revoked server side which will prevent reinstallation and update. As far as hostility goes... to a point I get it, however you aren't looking at this from a customer stand point. I work in public safety so I get the whole "stupid question" side as well as appealing to unreasonable people. The issue I have and have seen repeated by other customers is more from a standpoint of "why can't we have a hot fix for this small issue, t
  2. Steve Carlson


    Hey guys, I just purchased the TBM 900 and was unaware that the ILS was not working with current AIRACS, which is really a needed function. I also see that there's a lot of hostility regarding this from the developer. I'm also reading that this has been a known issue with a known fix for some time (as it only appears to be a syntax issue) and there has been no hotfix supplied from the developer. Considering this is like purchasing a car without working headlights... I'd rather not own software that takes this long for the developers to update if at all. $65 is not a small sum for a GA aircraft
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