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  1. When will the ILS function be updated as mine doesnt work
  2. Gerry

    ILS no CDI

    Morning Sir; Could you please help me. I am trying to fly an approach with TBM G1000 and tried several times but unable to have the cdi display. Looked at several you tubes and still unable. The G1000 on a cessna works but not the TBM. Also where can I if needed to update the TBM to recent version. Many thanks.
  3. Got it done. New 34 in monitor with too much field of view. Now when you open maintenance, the actions are lined up with the corrections.
  4. How to clean up maintenance log TBM900. Also when you access the log they are not aligned with the selections.
  5. What is the recent update to TBM900 and how to do it.
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