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  1. Thank you. That is a great start. It is pretty big list of 2000+ commands with many of them not needed for cirrus plugin. Is there a list of all commands that plugin supports? I hope that list is shorter than the full list.
  2. Is there a list of all shortcut keys for the SR22 panels somewhere? I was looking for the autopilot panel shortcuts but could not find the ones I use the most. For example syncing heading bug with current heading, adjusting heading and setting vertical speed are either not available or named differently. Would love to control the autopilot using only keyboard or move the panel to another monitor.
  3. I have no choice but to use my old good 12345 password
  4. Can you just save credentials in the safe place and restore when it is needed? I do not know about MacOS but on Windows there is a credential store where apps can securely store their secrets.
  5. Is there a way to save the email and password so that I would not have to enter it every X number of days? I do not know how frequently that happens but it seems that every time I start x-plane and choose SR22 I have to enter email and password. Why? Can't plugin just save my credentials? Also while I am looking for my password SR22 engine is running and if I am not quick enough entering password then engine stops and I have a classic "cannot start SR22" problem.
  6. Deleting folder helped. Thank you.
  7. I have this option set. Sim starts with engine running but after some time it just stops and I cannot restart it no matter what I do. No idea what kind of failure sim is trying to simulate. Restarting sim every time engine stops is just not right. X-plane also hangs one every second or third starts so it is not fun.
  8. I am also looking for a way to simply start the SR22 in the sim. I fly the real SR20/22 and can start them easily but no chance to start the engine in x-plane. Seriously, what is the point of such airplane in the sim? Can I have an easy start button?
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