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  1. No need to reply, looks like potential user error. Looks like what i'm experiencing is a revisionary, combined, view of the PFD & MFD before battery power is turned on. However, this has sometimes occurred during normal operation. So i'll keep on watching.
  2. (level of frustration is high with this one). System: Latest TBM 900 version, X-Plane 11.50 (with vulkan enabled). Not many plugins are enabled (RXP GTN, FSE, Vatsim) This is becoming a regular occurrence now, to the point where it takes 10-15 mins of fixing every few flights. By the time I've fettled getting it working, the enthusiasm for flying is lost and I go and do something else. What is causing the pilot's PFD to become corrupted every few flights? Upon warm it, the display is a mix of the pilots PFD and MFD (mini map on right, engine instruments on left). Sometimes c
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