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  1. I just recently purchased X-Plane 11 and the TorqueSim SR22, so forgive me if I'm doing something obviously wrong here. When I start up the plane, the MFD seems to report missing and/or corrupt nav databases. For example, the SafeTaxi data is "n/a", while the aviation data expires "(null)-2000". (See attached screenshot.) This is with the latest Navigraph data, although I tried removing it and using X-Plane's built-in database and that produced the same result. I also haven't been able to get taxiway signs to appear in the Synthetic Vision, although perhaps I'm not doing something co
  2. It wasn’t working for the ILS 22L approach into KEWR. I will test a few others tomorrow to see how widespread it is.
  3. Is there a workaround for this given the new AIRAC cycle? I have Navigraph and installing the latest data doesn’t seem to have fixed the issue, but I’m hoping I just did something wrong.
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