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  1. I was running full screen with Vulkan. I tried several airports in windowed mode (with vulkan enabled), and in every case it loaded right up. I also tried full screen with OpenGL, and that worked too, but it took quite a while, and the overall experience in the sim wasn't as nice. If running in windowed mode is the solution to this though, that's totally good with me!
  2. I purchased the TBM 900 over the weekend, and so far it seems to load only about 1 out of 5 times I try it. When it doesn't load, I wait at the loading screen for 10 minutes or so, xplane becomes unresponsive, and I need to stop it via the task manager. So far what I have tried is uninstalling and reinstalling the plane. I've attached two error log files from when I've run into the issue. After this issues occurs, if I try with a different aircraft, I do not have any issues. Log-error1.txt Log-error2.txt
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