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  1. No difference after turning off firewall and/or anti-virus...still crashes after hitting activate.
  2. thanks for responding....when I enter my X-Aviation name and PW using the C172 G5 aircraft, X-Plane quits immediately when I hit "activate". The same response I get when using the Cardinal.
  3. I have exactly the same problem running x-plane 11 on my MacBook Pro. I bought 2 AFM G5's from X-Aviation and want to install them in a Cardinal RG bought from Carenado (which is running fine now). I had to update the Gizmo64 plug-in (latest version on their website) for the Cardinal to work. The G5 install into the main X-Plane folder went fine and the subsequent install into the Cardinal folder appeared to as well. No new Cardinal G5 showed up (should it?) in X-Plane, but a Skyhawk G5 did. When I start a new flight with either plane, the activate License popup appears. When I enter my
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