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  1. I am getting a Crash to Desktop a few seconds after the loading screen is indicating loading the .acf. I have reinstalled the Challenger a few times with no luck and other aircraft are working fine. I have tried multiple airports. Log attached Log.txt
  2. So there is nothing you can think of that I can try?
  3. Hi, I reinstalled the aircraft which stopped the last crash issue however tonight I have had 3 CTD. First was a vulkan error. I switched to Open GL and had 2 more CTD for a difference reason. I have removed all plugins except Avitab, Terrain Radar and Better Pushback. I have not been able to make it 10 minutes into a single flight. Log.txt
  4. I have just setup a new PC installed x plane, HD with scenery and the challenger and have had 5-6 CTD in a row mostly while setting up the aircraft. The furthest into a flight i managed was climb to 10,000. Log attached I have a few plugins but all worked fine on my last PC.Tried removing them. Thanks Michael Log.txt
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