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  1. Well said by diegodc. I have been flying the plane for the last few days and tell you one thing. The module has great potential from one hand and many things that keep me away from flying it at the same time. I do really like the way I have to keep a eye when spooling the engine up by watching for NG, ITT, 30sek. 50 sec… It is fun to motor the engine before starting it when it’s hot. Handling is ok. like for this kind of module, but using the trim is a nightmare. Slight correction when using the trim can easily make the approach unstable. I really like the way it works with default KingAir 90.
  2. Thx, will give it a try.
  3. Can anyone tell me how to cancel "Landing gear aural warning" when thrust lever is at idle and landing gear is up?
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