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  1. I certainly understand and appreciate (and hope to soon benefit from) the level of realism available, but adding the ability to quickly "just fly" would be great enhancement for those that are already pilots and not trying to learn/practice some of the finer details of the pre-flight/taxi processes - especially when 1st learning this new plane. It is frustrating, and very time consuming, to be bogged down by so many details after initially purchasing the plane. It took 30 minutes just to find how to view the upper switch panel - as it behaves differently from other planes.
  2. New to TBM900 from X-Aviation. I'm not interested in realistic pre-flight, engine start, and taxing. I just want to fly realistic approaches and practice IFR procedures. How can have the plane start with engine running, brakes set, ready to go - as I can do with planes from STMA and Carenado and Xplane.
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