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  1. any news on this? I still can't use my 65-E$-Plane since weeks :-( Juergen
  2. damn, wrong thread. Anyway, thanks for your answer and support, I'm looking forward for this update. I don't have any AI traffic running.
  3. well, it freezes again. At the end of an 1 hr flight. Two things, don't know if they are important: it never freezes with another plane than the TBM Ortho4XP is the only "new" thing to my XP-installation Thanks in advance, Jürgen Log_freeze.txt
  4. I have this subscription. But after renewing the Steam installation of X-Plane (Freezes, you remember? ) this data was gone. I reinstalled it via the Navigraph Data Manager, now my ILS approaches are working like a charm Thanks again, I really love this plane! Jürgen
  5. thanks for the advice. I did a integrity check in Steam and it renews a high number of X-Plane files, from this point everything works fine. No glue if a corrupted X-Plane installation makes this combination fail or if the combination corrupts X-Plane. If it ever happens again I'll post the complete log here. Juergen
  6. what do I have to do to use the X-Plane 11 version of the navdata? Sorry, I'm still new to all this stuff :-)
  7. Hi, my X-Plane always freezes during flights (every flight) in the TBM 900. All other aircrafts work well. Any hints? This are the last lines of log.txt 2020-09-09 19:39:49 TBM900[ap.c:2010]: assertion "!__builtin_choose_expr ( __builtin_types_compatible_p (__typeof__ (o), double), __isnan(o), __builtin_choose_expr ( __builtin_types_compatible_p (__typeof__ (o), float), __isnanf(o), __builtin_choose_expr ( __builtin_types_compatible_p (__typeof__ (o), long double), __isnanl(o), (__builtin_trap(),o))))" failed: Backtrace is: 0 00000000804629E2 D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\commo
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