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  1. Nice one, like I said it doesn't affect me as don't use it, but please be reassured that I wouldn't go to all this trouble if it wasn't such an AWESOME aircraft that's obviously been a labour of love (and frustration). Absolutely brilliant product and very, very happy with it overall.
  2. SOLVED (partially) - Ensuring Synthetic Vision is turned OFF on the PFD prevents the issue from occurring. Even leaving it turned on prior to shut down, the next flight will reproduce the problem. Turning it off and keeping it off has resolved it entirely. I don't make use of Synthetic Vision (I only had it turned on for aesthetics) but may be worth investigating this further.
  3. Disregard that - clearly a Vulkan vs OpenGL issue (maybe worth addressing in case others aren't aware of the fullscreen vs windowed situation). Issue remains regardless of Vulkan or OpenGL.
  4. I never thought to check the log after it CTD'ing during loading, but it's thrown up some (possibly?) helpful errors... 2021-01-17 17:41:06 TBM900[glctx.c:273]: Utilizing shared window 2021-01-17 17:41:06 TBM900[helpers.c:1123]: Failed to create invisible OpenGL context: A directory service error has occurred. 2021-01-17 17:41:06 TBM900[glctx.c:464]: assertion "ctx->dc != ((void *)0)" failed: Backtrace is: 0 00000000805DE793 E:\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\X-Aviation\TBM-900\plugins\systems\win_x64\systems.xpl+000000000017E793 (glctx_make_current+93) 1 00000000805DE8A8 E:\X-Plane
  5. Same issue, so scenery corruption can be ruled out.
  6. So, the rabbit hole deepens (sorry)! A few points - 1) I have never been able to BEGIN a flight in the TBM in fullscreen mode. When it gets to 'loadingTBM900.acf' XP11 will simply CTD. I put this down to having an AMD Vega 56 GPU which allegedly has known issues related to running certain applications fullscreen. As a workaround, I start the flight in windowed mode, then change to fullscreen once loaded, which works (for some reason). 2) I've just discovered that if the tablet is already deployed and centred on my location (which it does sometimes, only crashing when I try to st
  7. Alas, same result :/ As mentioned, it's now isolated in the E:\ drive. All CPU/GPU drivers are fresh (as of yesterday). I've also removed all Ortho4XP tiles within a thousand miles, just to be on the safe side, and still no cigar. Interestingly, I can spawn at various locations and it doesn't replicate the issue. If you want to re-enact the situation precisely, spawn at 'FBO East Signature' @ KOPF. That's where the above video and logs occurred (and still do, unfortunately). Also just uninstalled and reinstalled the TBM, issue remains.
  8. Thanks for clarifying - I'm not overly computer savvy and had it in my head that installing it to drive:\ was a bad idea because I misunderstood a post that actually referred specifically to :\program files. Almost finished transferring to my SSD E:\ drive where it will be all by itself. Will report back
  9. It IS on my desktop haha, I've read all the bad stories, I literally installed it to the desktop but the desktop just happens to be in the OneDrive folder, the online services of which I have turned OFF to prevent exactly that issue. Should I move my desktop into C (or maybe E) drive? I heard they have their own problems regarding permissions? Until XP11, I'd never had to consider where the desktop is placed, only that 'it's there'! What do you think is best?
  10. Hi Goran Certainly, I let it fester for a good two minutes in case it dumped anything else in the log, and this is the result... Log1.txt
  11. Attached is a quick video to show replication. Again, not sure if related to the original issue but produces the same result. 20210116_194949.mp4
  12. Ok, so it's not XPilot - I've disabled both that and flywithlua, and have found a way of triggering it every time. Clicking on the pilot's side pocket (to stow/bring out the tablet) repeatedly (in/out/in/out etc) will freeze the sim after a few seconds. I can't guarantee this is the same issue as above, but it 'feels' identical - the sim simply freezes and goes silent. It doesn't crash (thus doesn't generate a crash dump), but remains frozen. Clicking on the screen after 5 seconds (default time for Windows to wait for a program I think) brings up the loading icon and 'not responding' box as ex
  13. And some more information if it helps you at all (may be nothing/unrelated) - the aircraft does suffer 'mini freezes' when clicking the side pocket to stow the tablet, usually half a second or so, where the sound goes quiet as well (something I've usually correlated with freezes rather than loading). The same thing occurs when using the hotkey to open XPilot (it won't open it but will freeze temporarily until I press the hotkey again). Have to alt tab to open XPilot when in the TBM.
  14. Hi and thanks for the reply I always run with AI turned off, and unfortunately this did occur a few days ago 'post XPilot shutdown', but I'll do the full plugin disable and see how it gets on. Frequency has significantly increased since copying the entire XP11 folder to another location (but currently running from the ORIGINAL location), and using manual data from Navigraph as per the ILS workaround. Not sure if related?
  15. Hi all, Have had problems with the TBM900 freezing midflight, usually when interacting with the PFD or MFD, but the log file hasn't thrown anything up, until now! I'm not sure what to make of it, but timestamp 2021-01-16 04:56:42 indicated a failure to load something/numerous items... Any ideas? Thanks in advance Log.txt
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