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  1. Thanks, I did not know about the IRS ATT mode. As an EE I thought automatically ATT is attenuation and you need it when you are close to a transmitter but now I learned it stands for Attitude and it turns out an IRS is not a GPS. Very interesting, my main interests in planes is the technical aspect and for most physics and systems. But it is a lot to learn if you only flew GA bushplanes and helicopters without things like route planning (incl weather and fuel) There is a lot of info on the net but because most things are abbreviated it is hard to search and understand if you are new to ai
  2. Sorry, a bit a stupid question. I screwed up major above an amazing bad weather flight above Greenland, Low above snow covered mountains, IFR in a snowstorm, but also in the sun above beautiful cloud formations. Instead of zooming I switched the left IRS to off. I then switched EFI both on 2 and IRS both on R. But now I had no route on the map because I had not programmed the FO's FMS. (could not find a Direct too like in GA GPS). What would a real pilot do: - I can program a fix to the destination point - or type in the whole flightplan in the FO FMS - I know my loca
  3. Strange, the rain effect now works like it should. I made a mistake with the weather-radar tutorial. I started somewhere else much more north and when I was above 5000 ft the raindrops became a lot bigger and looked very much like snow. I really needed the wipers to see something. Very cool. Are there plans (for XP11 ) to add a random faults option to the 737 ? ? I know I can select faults to practice procedures but the thing I like from f.i. the 727 is that random things go wrong, sometimes a lightbulb but last week my gear did not come down because the hydraulic fluid was empty. (to
  4. Found it, the GTN750 GPS plugin was the problem. I use that only for GA planes so tested this as the last plugin not thinking it would gave problems because I do not use it in the 737. It turns out it is not the plugin itself, but If you open it from the XP plugin menu, it makes a .ini file in the directory of the plane you are flying. It also promotes itself to master-gps. And even if you do not ever use it , as long as the .ini file is there, it stays master. I have not tried it for the 737 but you can disable the master status in the GTN menu and still use it as a slave, I do that in
  5. Thanks Jan for always answering so fast. If you had more planes I would buy them :-) I just tried it, yesterday evening I had to much fun trying to fly your weather radar tutorial flight (I lost my way and flew into the ground but I really enjoyed it) So I now just tried it with all custom scenery, plugins and other aircraft switched off, (except lua) and now it works fine, so it must be some conflict between plugins or so. Next step finding the guilty one, not hard but a bit time consuming.
  6. Solved the sound, if I move all XP sliders to zero all your sliders work fine. A big improvement, the "irritating" high amplitude hiss turned out to be the AC and now I can turn it down a bit. The VOR problem is still a problem. I started the plane as "ready to fly" just to be sure, If I then set everything up like you the result is the same but the problem is that if I turn the course on the MCP on the FO side the magenta bar in the FO HSI moves out of the centre like it should do. If I do that on the captain site, nothing happens, the magenta bar does not move and always keeps aligne
  7. 3 things: 1) Practicing oldschool VOR navigation, I found a problem. If I switch the HSI to VOR/ILS I only get it to work for the captain if I set the EFI switch to "both on 2" , In the "normal" position only the FO HSI works like it should , in "both on 1" none of them work like they should, In "normal" The captains HSI pointer does work but states "from" (when it should be to) when the FO's states "to" and the magenta "bar" in the pilots HSI always stays aligned, while the FO's bar moves lateral like it should. I must be doing something wrong but no clue what. I had both nav
  8. Update: the fuelmeter, could it be this lines in the afc file ? Test mode at 0 ? GROUP Fuel gauge 3 SHOW_LESS 2.000000 [0] SHOW_EQUAL 0.000000 [0] SHOW_GREATER 0.000000 ixeg/733/fuel/fuel_test_mode[0] I opened the AFC in notepad to set experimental to 1 (faster as using planemaker) and then noticed this
  9. Hi Jan, The speed problem is solved,. The original settings for the throttle quadrant curves were screwed up. I use the "has reverse/beta" but found a "bug" in XP. I have 6 axis for throttle quadrant. I was experimenting with the settings using 1 spare axis (see first post). It turns out If you set the throttle #1 to "none" or VV and then use a spare axis for throttle #1 and later go back to the original axis for throttle #1 the checkbox is now uncheckt but the curve does not change (and on top of it, rechecking it messes up the original settings). I asked you because you are go
  10. Hi Jan, Thanks, I have studied your videos that belong to the plane but did not know the others. I think my "problem" could be related to the flightmodel. I use experimental for all planes but learned recently that nowadays I have to uncheck that as default because the developer needs to check that option in the AFC file if his plane needs the experimental model switched on. I looked at almost all my planes and only 2 have checked the experimental flymode to on. So I will uncheck the EFM in the general settings and see if that gives an improvement. BTW in the IXEG 737 the EMF opti
  11. From Jan's video I am learning to fly looking at the HSI instead of only the vertical speed meter. Now I have a "problem" I only do handfying without autopilot and without auto-throttle (except in the IXEG where I am not in a permanent state of war with the auto throttle ) I fly for most the IXEG 737, Tolliss A319, FF 767 and FF A350 but befor the IXEG I only flew bush planes and helis so still new on airliners, navigation etc I have problems keeping the speed down. By throttle did not work until I changed the curves of my Saitek throttle units. 25% for reverse and alpha, around 40% i
  12. Yes, I have avitab, use it a lot. But I also have two monitor, one for Xplane, the other for things like pdfs (and youtube tutorials )
  13. Thanks, that is the problem indeed. I made a pdf with all documents merged I think I flipped it to fit the pdf. I will flip it back. I also made a pdf that is based on your first FMS tutorial and added screenshots of the route to it and things like all headings, altitudes and speeds. All nav data settings in red so I can scan those fast during flight (and blue for things like gear up etc)
  14. How can I turn the checklist so I can read it. Also maybe related, I can not use the programmed views, if I do it, it works but as soon as I combine it with the keybindings that XP has (I have them bound to hardware switches) the view angle changes. f.i If I use the 737's FO views, this works fine, but if I then choose my default view to go back ( saved view#5) I get the saved view but the view-angle goes down to 50 degrees (instead my default 90 degrees) Not a problem because I always use the hardware switches but just to let you know.
  15. Finally made it. Only got the wrong runway. The ILS guided me right but I did not trusted it 100% because I do not yet know how to see if I captured the glideslope. So I took no risk and landed on the one that was best visible. This is a very nice route. During day and night. You are right it is very rewarding if everything comes together. I used the MCP and the banana even more as your tutorial states, very handy but also very cool. I had a smile wider as the wingspan of my 737 when I reached the right waypoint with the right speed and the right altitude. Only thing that is
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