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  1. I I will look close into it... but it doesn't make sense that joystick or any other controllers have problem since other aircraft doesn't have any problem. It stays in center and doesn't tilt left or right for other aircrafts. IXEG 733 is the only one that causes the problem which is very weird and I don't think it significantly be the problems with controllers. Additionally, inside my group of Korean community, there were several reports that people are having same issues with IXEG that they need to use rudder trim before the departure for successful flight... which isn't normal pro
  2. 1. Tiller problem. When airplane is started up and hydraulics are supplied to the aircraft, tiller is tilted into one certain direction. Please refer to the the tiller problem.mp4 :) 2. Yaw Problem. The horizontal controlling is impossible in this aircraft due to the bug. Horizontal controlling system get tilted into one direction which needs to be corrected by rudder trim before departure. Correcting the horizontal control by extreme amount of rudder trim is not a normal procedure and it is considered as a serious bug. Please refer to yaw problem.mp4 :) 3. Taxing problem. Aircraft g
  3. Never turned those on before. It is still having the problem. I don't know why.... No settings are being changed....
  4. Ok. Gizmo isn't a problem. I have tried and problem is staying the same. All the airports are having the same problem. Plugin shouldn't be a problem since I haven't change anything past few months and last week I played IXEG B733, it was completely normal. It is starting to have problem from past few days. I am not sure about WXR switch. Can u tell me where they are?
  5. The fps is going down to about 25 then recovers back to 35. It is going down and up so many times. Before, it never had this problem. I am not sure why is this having fps problem. There wasn't any problem with JDA330 FFB767 757 but IXEG B733 is the only one having fps unstable problem 20201006_215112.mp4 20201006_215112.mp4 20201006_215112.mp4
  6. So there isn't a way to fix this problem because it is the problem with the airac2009?? I hope this can be fixed because this is not happening in real aircraft. This is very expensive aircraft and I would like to see better quality in FMC if it is a problem inside the IXEG B73e. If it is problem with navigraph let me know.
  7. I was approaching Jeju in Korea. I got instruction of cancelling SID and go direct to fix point HANUL after fix point DOTOL. So, I pasted HANUL right after DOTOL in FMC to make directing function happen. And, weird circle was made on DOTOL which made airplane to spin..... I had to change to the heading mode and it was bit awful. In the picture, you see a crazy circle made on DOTOL which I shouldn't get for trying to direct to some waypoint.
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