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  1. To be honest I don't really know why I am being ignored. I legally paid 65 dollar for this aircraft and I kind of feel left alone with my problem. Is there anybody who can maybe reset my computer registration or tell me how I can do that manually? Thanks!
  2. Is nobody able to help me? X-aviaiton support is not answering..
  3. Hello everyone, 4 years ago I bought the IXEG 737CL with another E-Mail address/account. I lost access to that address. What should I say - I created a new account. I know each person should only have one account (sorry for that), but I did not see any different solution. Anyways, I bought the Hotstart TBM900 a few days ago with another account/E-mail address and I keep getting the following message: X-Aviation Licensing Your machine is registered to a different user. Can anybody help me with this? I already contacted the support but I got no useful response or help. Thank you!
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