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  1. Thank you in advance for help. I downloaded following my purchase of Sr-22 and when I load X-plane the pop up for X aviation licensing loads. I enter my information and receive along error: 452.545: DRM: showing window for update 457.549: no license for :(SilverlingingV4.clouds) 457.549:DRM: Showing window for update... (in RED) 458.818: http API call_back: function handle:: 12: [string "extensions/gatekeeper/gatekeeper.lua.gfys"]1008:http response:curl-code:60 msg:[schannel:certgetnamestring() failed to match connection hostname (x-avaitaion.com) against server certificate names] after i click on reboot I receive: trying to contact server or just the log in. It never goes away no matter what aircraft I pick or if I choose event he generic 172. Thanks again for help!!!
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