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  1. Thank you @Coop and @oldflyguy for your attention Unfortunately I downloaded another small aircraft and the issue occurred again, so it is definitely not a problem with the Islander. Apologies for any inconvenience this caused you guys. I am back to square one. Thanks again. duck
  2. Hello, Coop! Thank you for your attention! Unfortunately the issues does not seem related to the VRAM. I lowered my textures but the issue persisted. I monitored one of my flights with NZXT Cam to check the GPU usage. I am attaching its performance during takeoff and landing. The sudden low spikes are when the FPS drops below 15 ~ 10 and - as you can see - they (mostly) occur when the GPU is only about 75% ~ 80%. Please note that this issue does not occur when I am flying the Zibo (I am kinda new to Flight Sim, so I only own the Zibo and now the Islander that are not default). Unfortunately seems that something on the Islander is affecting my FPS, somehow. Hope to hear from you again soon! Thank you.
  3. Hi, pdg17! Thank you for your message Unfortunately I tried disabling all my plugins on XP11 (with the exception of Gizmos and the BN2 Islander plugins) but the issue persisted. My settings are already low, and I don't think they might cause the issue since not even the Zibo 737 has this problem. I appreciate any more help I can get Thank you!
  4. Hello, all! First of all, apologies if this has been discussed on another topic. I could not find something similar to the issue I am experiencing. When loading the BN-2 Islander, often during the game play the frames take a heavy hit (sometimes every 5 ~ 10 seconds). I am talking about sudden 30 ~ 40 drops. I was able to record a video of the issue (and hopefully I can attach it here). At the video, you can see that I am running XP11 at around 28 ~ 35 FPS, and occasionally the FPS drops to below 10 during the startup. The issue persists for the whole flight. I tried disabling passengers and mirror reflection, but nothing changed. Please keep an eye at the FPS during the video. Please assist. Thank you in advance. EDIT: If it might help: I am running XP 11.41 and that was default scenery on the video. EDIT 2: Attaching .log file if it might help. 2020-07-30_22-20-41.flv Log.txt
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