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  1. Hello, This is the AoA indicator and if you are in 11.50bxx it doesn't work at the moment !
  2. It's the new software that IVAO use (it's in beta)
  3. Same for me, if I go in the payload menu after a flight all the temps are reset to 0
  4. Dranbar

    No P-Factor

    Hello ! Here is what Goran_M told me about it few days ago, Have a great day.
  5. Up ! EDIT : Found something :
  6. Dranbar


    Interresting, Thanks for your update about it !
  7. Dranbar


    Oh sorry i didn't see that post, that's too bad :c Is it expected to come back with for exemple an option to tick/untick ?
  8. Dranbar


    Hello ! Will we see one day P-factor on the TBM ? Because at the moment I have centered trim and no rudder at all and it stays straight, is it normal ? Event the Cessna 172 have more :/ Have a good day !
  9. Hello, The TBM comes with autorouter, which is amazing, and you can display directly on the G1000 the AIP of the airport. Just one remark as I fly a lot in France, you won't find them in dep/arr tabs because they are not sorted in the AIP website (SIA, "Service de l'information aéronautique"). They are all in one giant PDF in the G1000. But once you found your chart this is perfect. EDIT : I forgot to say that it's free
  10. Hello ! Same here for me !
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