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  1. Yes, agreed on the engine sounds needing either updated or reverted back to 1.1.0. Also, has anyone else noticed the Doppler effect is now messed up with version 1.1.1? I'm sure they will address this but an update for the sounds will definitely be appreciated!
  2. @Cameron Of course you won't "waste your time" with a customer, that would require effort. More effort than just, "Relax guys, things are fine!". What a joke! Okay, now I'm certainly no longer going to buy products from you guys in the future. Thank you for the example of your support!
  3. @Cameron Nice comment, "Dramatic Much?". Pretty much on-par with the unprofessional behavior with your support/response. I think your customers have a right to be ticked off when the response to the Beta expiring to just not worry about it. So why didn't you post the link to upgrade in this support post rather than saying, "Relax guys, things are fine?". Instead, how about mentioning above something like, "We realize the Gizmo plugin expiring will cause your X-Aviation (BN-2) products to break and are addressing the issue and will provide an update soon. The other solution is to reinstall your
  4. They are not fine! Fix this for your customers.
  5. Um....yeah, I think you may want to reconsider this response and try to avoid catastrophe...
  6. @M-S-MI had the same problem; the Gizmo Beta expired and guess what? It broke the BN-2 Islander. Really X-Aviation? You are going to suggest something that expires for us and then breaks the aircraft we paid for? In my experience, X-Aviation's support is garbage! I had another issue with this damn Gizmo64 plugin awhile back that I finally figured out it was conflicting with ProjectFly. I had no idea why my Saab 340 X-Aviation aircraft wasn't working and had to figure it out myself since X-Aviation's support told me it wasn't their product with the issue. Now with the BN-2 install, to have them
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