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  1. Hi Jan, Thanks for the tip! One more observation from the problem is that it's resetting the altitude on the VNAV profile once it passes the WPT. It goes to 0 and then starts decreasing till it reaches next WPT. Hope it will be helpful for the bug fixing in the future
  2. Hi, I've noticed that after removing speed restrictions in Climb page (f.e. I got unrestricted climb from ATC and removed 250/10000 restriction from the climb page) my CLB page goes empty (pic 1) and I don't have my CRZ page anymore, it's showing the same data DES page, it's basically now a DES page (pic 2). It's not the first time I'm experiencing this, it happened to me in the past as well. I've tried inserting FL again, or just the altitude, tried editing CRZ FL in Performance page as well... Nothing works! In addition, vertical profile is showing me that I'm above profile and it
  3. Hi, I've noticed an error today on my way from LYBE to EGLL (not the first time flying this route btw). FMC is throwing NAN for time and distance to T/D and on the PROG page as well. Latest version of XPL (11.52) and latest version of the aircraft as well as the latest AIRAC. Regards, Kris
  4. Hi @Litjan and tnx for the reply. Yes, that's exactly what I did in this case. I've continued in FLCH mode and later in V/S since I was sure VNAV won't capture it and I didn't wanted to cause any potential problems to ATC and other ppl around me. Looking forward to fix this one in the future! Keep up the good work!
  5. Hi, I've encountered the problem during my descend after I got a DCT to a wpt by the ATC. I saw that for my wpt the speed was mach .71 (and it's supposed to be max 250kts since the acft should be at 3000ft at that wpt) and when I;ve inserted manual speed 210kts in the LEGS page for the specific wpt, I got this console error. The sim did not crashed, the plane worked fine and it actually accepted the speed. Flying on 11.50 and with standard stable Gizmo. Cheers!
  6. @Litjan same thing happened to me today. Take a look at the console log. I've tried to insert waypoint NEVRA. Can it be related to latitude longitude waypoints? Maybe after N, it expected a custom wpt, like N5120 or something? Version 1.31
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