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  1. this worked, thank you so much! Hopefully I won't have any more issues. Thanks for your time, Goran!
  2. So, delete everything in output > preferences? Is that the correct location? Will this folder repopulate with the plugin preferences?
  3. I've checked and checked again. I removed every hardware I have except the yoke and throttle, removed all unnecessary plugins, new airframe, new aircraft install. I really don't know what to do other than to reinstall xplane which I don't particularly want to do. It's strange how it came out of nowhere but just for this aircraft.
  4. I've deleted the contents, started up and still have the issue. Unplugged and reset my yoke and throttle quadrant to factory settings and still the same. I've also removed all unnecessary plugins so I just have these:
  5. I'm able to use the throttle through other inputs, just not the throttle quadrant. I also don't have enough storage space for a second installation, so I guess my only option is to reinstall the whole game. It's strange how it just suddenly stopped working but just for this aircraft. Every other aircraft works perfectly...
  6. I removed these three and I still have this issue, sadly. Here's my assignments too for the yoke.
  7. Yeah, for some reason the engine set on fire when I loaded in, but then I created a new flight model and it was still the same.
  8. Sure...Log.txtTBM900_Log.txt
  9. I've checked all my other assignments. Nothing else that could possibly affect the this. And there are no repairs, it's a new clean install, let alone a new flight model.
  10. Never heard of XPUIPC before so that probably isn't the issue here. If it's a gizmo issue I'm not sure what I can do to fix it.
  11. Hi everyone, For a few weeks this aircraft has been working flawlessly and I loved it, however yesterday when starting a flight I found out my throttle on my quadrant wasn't controlling the throttle in the aircraft, therefore it is unflyable. This isn't an issue with the quadrant because it works for every other aircraft I have. I've tried to change the throttle binding to the prop and mixture levers but that still did nothing. I even reinstalled the entire aircraft but still have the same issue. Any support with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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