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  1. Problem solved after moving XPlane and my Steam folder (And having to re-download 55GB of Stuff) Still had the issue after the move so ran XPlane as administrator and it now works fine. Now to master not over torquing these Turbine
  2. Excellent Ben, thank you for the speedy and informative response. I'll have a look and fettle the program folder situation tonight.
  3. I recently went to fly the Islander after about 3 months absence from it so I thought I would download the latest update, I went to play and the activation window pops up and no matter how many times I put my credentials in it always pops back up despite it confirming to me they are correct in the top right gizmo panel. Even with Antivirus disabled and VPN disabled. I gave it a few days and having just purchased the Turbine variant I have downloaded fresh copies of each variant and they are both doing the exact same thing still. They also appear to be crashing VR, I have flown various air
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