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  1. Cannot swap monitors as the primary display (smaller) monitor is a touch screen and the touchscreen function only works when it is primary display. I use this screen for utilities such as FS-FlightControl and weather apps etc.
  2. Window mode fixed it Thanks
  3. Thanks for reply Coop. I do run 2 monitors but but tab was nowhere to be found. I am using your second suggestion and am enjoying flying the plane. Thanks
  4. Hi I hope this is the correct way and place for support. I am new at this. I also am unable to locate the sidebar for Load Manager. I have hovered over the left side of monitor and nothing appears. I purchased version 1.0.1 of the Islander yesterday. Running X plane 11.50b4 and b6. Have followed suggestions made to other members having same problem eg. xgs latest version have now removed, updated Visual C++. has made no difference. I have not been able to fly plane as I cannot remove chocks. Hope you can help Log text attached Log.txt
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