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  1. hello all. Sorry it has been a while! With your help, I actually found what the problem was. You guys made me think of plugins! And in fact the problem was a specific plugin: X-Therm. It generates thermals, downloaded over at the xplane forums. Disabled that and now there is no need to force reload or switch to never or automatic and back. So, thank you all!
  2. ASXP is correctly setup to display live weather.
  3. Hello, thank you for your response. i take your point that that file hasn’t been updated since the 23 of June but then how is it possible that without RWC+SMP enabled , X-Plane depicts the correct weather that ASXP is injecting? I don’t think that installing a program can be that difficult otherwise it would just not work all together.
  4. Hi all, I am going crazy with those three programs in subject. SkymaxxPpro and RWC never give the exact weather as stated in ASXP. Everything is set as it should be in SkyMaxx Pro (using FSGRW/ASXP) and I using the latest versions of all three. Here's a comparison along with the FPS needed to run SMP. 1 screen shot is SMP running along ASXP 2 screenshot is ASXP with default Xplane clouds. (correct representation, weather was horrible as per METAR) I have tried uninstalling SMP and RWC and nothing changes. I am really out of ideas beside uninstalling it complet
  5. Actually ASXP works well with the default clouds. X-Plane generates weather without a problem with ASXP. But I will try nevertheless your suggestion and report back. really thankful for your help up to this point. cheers. e.
  6. Thank you for your help. I always start ASXP first and then launch xplane. Also, running the Force Weather Reload does not make a difference actually. It's only when I select another option in RWC that the weather starts to show up.
  7. Hello all, I am encountering a problem with RWC, SMP and ASXP. I am using the latest versions of the 3 programs (ASXP is the beta version). It seems that for RWC to begin receive the clouds layers from ASXP I have to change from FSGRW/ASPX weather injection to any other choice and then back to FSGRW/ASXP Weather injection. See attached screenshot. Also, RWC gives me that error when finishing the installation. I have re-installed everything a second time but the error is still there. Cheers for the help! E.
  8. The real plane has it, so with a little more effort it would create an even more immersive plane!
  9. Gosh I just saw this and it looks amazing! I really don’t know how to thank you! cheers!
  10. Of course you can play it in the background but not within xplane. It has never been done before.
  11. Please, please make it happen! That will absolutely be a game changer for X-Plane.
  12. Thank you for replying Goran! So that means that it might be implemented in the future ? Very exciting!!
  13. Hello all, is there any way to implement the Music button in the COM panel? Maybe have. Spotify account in the PFD etc. ? that would be absolutely amazing. cheers E.
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