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  1. I’ve done both more recently, with crashes both ways. Maybe a little less in windowed. That said, it’s ok as I can live without the synthetic vision. A little surprising, but again I can live with this. The airplane is awesome, definitely plan to spend many hours in it! Thanks for the help
  2. Quiet in here! I turned off synthetic vision and haven’t had a lockup since. Was my system on the lower spec end for this?
  3. Here's task manager during most recent lockup, xplane is the only thing running. Log file also attached. There also weren't many clouds drawn in this particular case. And my rendering settings seem low to me for the hardware I have (they also worked fine for a while). Thanks for any thoughts. Doc1.docx Log.txt
  4. Ah apologies, I had missed that request. Will do, do you just mean windows task manager, or is there an xplane-specific one? Thanks for helping a hapless computer flunkie.
  5. OK, so at Midway or SCIP it seems to do ok...would obviously like to be able to fly at other airports of course. It definitely seems to do better if the weather is set for completely clear, is that maybe just what I'm stuck with? Here's a crash this morning during cloudy weather out of KAST. (log attached.) Thank you again for the attentive replies, it is appreciated. Dan Log.txt
  6. am I just hosed? You can tell me if I am? Is it my pc?
  7. Hello again. I have disabled the AI aircraft, dropped my rendering options down significantly from where they had previously worked (even with the TBM). I am sure my GPU drivers and Windows are up to date. And just had another crash (after I reduced clouds, etc to try and help). I also moved my entire xplane program from my HDD to the solid state hard drive in my PC thinking that would help with loading times. The log file is attached. It seems that it's getting worse, and I cannot figure out why. Thank you for any advice. Log.txt
  8. Any chance it's the ground vehicles from "airport environment HD"?
  9. Thank you both for the quick responses! That had crossed my mind too, I'm sure the first log does show AI aircraft, though I had disabled them (I thought) before this most recent flight. I just went back into the setup screen on xplane, and they are all still disabled. Do you still see evidence of them in the most recent log I posted? There are none showing in my 'AI aircraft' menu in the flight config area, and I didn't see any on leaving KSTL on this most recent flight. Thank you again, DT
  10. Thanks again for the advice. I had been doing some of both, and it has locked up in both situations. Just happened again, here is the log file. If there's no clear reason there, then i suppose I'll give up and just hope for the best on short flights rather than losing longer ones just before descent, as happened today. Maybe it's the AMD stuff? thank you again, Log.txt
  11. I did post my most recent log file to that last post, are you able to see it?
  12. Well dang, the drivers are now definitely updated for my 5700 xt, but same thing is happening again. I'll attach the new log file. Will the TBM 900 work if I upgrade to 11.5 with vulcan functionality? Thanks... Log.txt
  13. I'm cautiously optimistic in thinking this has solved the problem, thank you! Didn't think it was that since other planes work, but seems better so far.
  14. Thanks for the quick response, here's the file. This time it wouldn't get past the "livery loading, please wait" indicator, then went to "not responding" in the title bar. Thanks again. Log.txt
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