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  1. Thanks for your quick response. I think I understand that the cockpit cannot be shared. What is the purpose of the shared airframe feature? Who can I share airframes with? Why would I do it?
  2. I just purchased the tbm900. I am very pleased. It is by far the best thing I have ever used in X plane. I use two networked computers (Master and slave each running X plane) to display X plane on three monitors The TB900 installed and activated successfully on both computers. The display looks ok at first eg. both computers agree when starting out with new airframes. When the master airframe changes, the slave does not follow. I am trying to coordinate the instances of the airframes between the two computers so that I can see the same attributes of the master TBM900 airframe status on all displays. I am getting error 404 and 405 when I try to upload shared airframe or to install a shared airframe on the second computer. I have read the manual several times , tried numerous ways. I would appreciate any help you can give.
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