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  1. Was able to fix the memory issue, cleaned up a bunch of plugins and scenery that I do not use anymore and that seems to have stopped the string of caps. Did a test flight and the engines no longer shut-down at random times.
  2. Thank you for the tips but they seem to not have worked. I have removed FlyWithLua, SAM, and SkunkCrafts. I have also reinstalled the SAAB and even tried removing Reshade as I had problems with Reshade in the past but to no avail. I switched to the Justflight BAe to see if this problem translates to other aircraft I own and I also get the caps about the livery but not as much as the SAAB. I only spent about 2 minutes in the sim on each test. It seems this only happens with the SAAB. I saved 2 logs and will attach them here. One is using JF BAe and the other is using the SAAB but with no FWL.
  3. Been using the SAAB a bit and every flight I've done recently the engines would randomly die, inflight and on the ground, no warning signs or anything. I've followed the provided checklist, fuel-flow and everything seems normal before hand and de-icing is on. Here is the overhead panel state of the SAAB the last time this happened. (Ignore electrical warnings as there was no electrics on when replay was activated) Can provide more info on request! Log.txt
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