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  1. You are correct, I have pushed the levers to all instead of Max, I have had a successful take off and landing now. I use a trackhat to help me look around the cabin so I couldn't see the lever positions properly, maybe I shouldn't be a pilot after all. Just out of curiosity is there an option to start with everything running to get a quick take off instead of having to go through the startup procedure as this does take some time to perform, some of us just want to get in and fly. Great piece of work. Thanks for your help Cameron.
  2. Yes I moved the levers up, I continued with all the other processes, as soon as I moved the throttles to max the master warning came on.
  3. No, I followed the instruction to the letter, i've even loaded a different variant at a different location and get the same results
  4. I have installed the Saab 340A and have found it to be utterly frustrating to use, I just want to get in an fly. I have run through the quick start guide but each time I throttle up I hear a warning sound then the engines shut down. What am I doing wrong? and why can't you just get in with everything running and take off.
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