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  1. Figured it out. My X52 H.O.T.A.S. Pro throttles is querky on this aircraft. I cannot have the the x52 all the way down. It needs to be in the last position prior to being bottomed out. Then the red tabs function properly on the sim bring it to cutoff position. Thanks for your help.
  2. Done that. Unresponsive. They do not move up or down in the Idle position. Log.txt
  3. Hello: What is the trick in moving the throttles into the shutoff position?
  4. Hello: the Flight Info Screen in the cabin does not come on. Am I missing something in Settings or in the starting up of the aircraft? Log.txt
  5. I hit the outside Nose Door switch and it is unresponsive. Log.txt
  6. How do I update. It was working fine several days ago, being on Airac 2113. Opened today and those dates are not at all present. Looking through files cannot find navdata folder. Any suggestions? Where does one place the updated "cycle_info.txt" to manually update? Log.txt
  7. Hello: This message is permanently stuck onto my FMs in yellow. I have placed the APT OAT I receive from Active Sky into the FMS, yet it remains. Also the MFD shows temps not equal to what I have placed in the FMS. I have even taken the OAT off the MFD and placed it onto the FMS with no luck in resolving the issue. What am I missing? Tony Laughter tlaughter@gmail.com
  8. When you exceeded about 500 feet AGL and have stabilized the plane in the climb, you can turn on the autopilot A by pushing the button on the MCP where it says CMD A. The vertical AP mode will change from TOGA to MCP SPD and the autopilot will now follow the selected speed and heading dialed into the MCP fields. Copyright ® 2016 International X-Plane Engineering Group April 2016 FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY 17 737-300 Tutorial Series Autopilot A does not light up. Not engaging when I press the button. Vertical Speed: Off all the time Any thoughts? Appreciate any help.
  9. I must confess that I feel like an idiot trying to find the magic for working brakes.
  10. Can someone give me some tips on how to apply brakes that actually work for this plane? Keyboard: Toggle Brakes Maximum - no key i designate works./Hold brakes Maximum - no designated key works. What is the magic sauce that applies brakes and actually stops or slows down this aircraft?
  11. Hello: This is one amazing aircraft! Fast. Sexy. Responsive. One issue: having problems getting the aileron trim to hold the wings level. Any thoughts? Plane tilts slightly to the right. I have worked the trim feature, but always reverting back to the original tilt.
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